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In just three simple steps, DocDirect will help you find your nearest healthcare setting without having to signup. We aim to facilitate you in finding your right doctor with just three clicks without having to ask around or wander to find your nearest healthcare facility.



  • Cardiology clinic
  • Children clinic
  • Dermatology clinic


  • Lecturer, Department of gastroenterology_x000D_  (Jun, 2024 - Jun, 2024)


    The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems category covers resources concerned with all aspects of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery and respiratory diseases. Topics include circulation, cardiovascular technology and measurement, cardiovascular pharmacology and therapy, hypertension, heart and lung transplantation, arteries, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, angiology, perfusion, stroke, as well as all types of respiratory and lung diseases._x000D_ _x000D_

  • Sr Consultant at Gastroentology Hospital_x000D_  (Jun, 2024 - Jun, 2024)

    Adams State College_x000D_

    The Clinical Immunology & Infectious Diseases category covers resources that focus on basic research in clinical and applied allergy, immunology, and infectious disease. Microbiology and virology resources are included in this category as are resources on HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and hospital infections._x000D_ _x000D_

  • Present Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology at Apollo Hospital_x000D_  (Jun, 2024 - Jun, 2024)

    Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences_x000D_

    Oral Surgery & Medicine resources are concerned with basic, applied, and clinical aspects of oral infections and diseases, including their epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Specialties such as oral pathology/biology, oral epidemiology, oral rehabilitation, and oral implants are also included. Facial pain and craniomandibular resources are also covered in this category.

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